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Today’s high school students face increasing academic and extracurricular demands as they strive to get ahead and stand out from the competition. We aim to help students manage anxiety, build confidence, unlock their academic potential, and achieve personal growth.

At Horizon, our approach is different: we believe that each student is unique and entitled to resourceful, creative solutions that are designed to meet their personal learning needs. We encourage students to take an active role in learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

We are experts in K-12 curriculum, test-taking strategies, and university admissions requirements.

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Our Approach

Today’s Academic Climate
In the last 25 years, curriculum, testing, and admissions standards have changed considerably.

Since the development of the 1990 National Education Goals, our country has placed a great deal of emphasis on higher education and the ability of college graduates to communicate effectively, solve problems, and think critically. This National Accountability Movement forced academic institutions to thoroughly examine how student learning could be measured at the state level, driving industry leaders to place testing at the center of K-12 education.

Testing is no longer just for university admissions – our schools are upheld to specific benchmarks, and states utilize testing to determine academic success. For students, poor test performance can mean mandatory summer school or even a repeated grade. The No Child Left Behind Act has solidified testing as an integral part of this country’s Elementary and Secondary Education. Unfortunately, most standardized tests fail to capture the academic potential of today’s students.

What We Do
At Horizon, we aim to bridge the gap between the Nation’s measurable benchmarks and our students’ true strengths. Our tutors and academic consultants design each lesson plan to target each student’s strengths, weaknesses, goals, learning style, test performance, and more. With Horizon, you can be sure that your student is getting a personalized solution to meet his needs – not just another set of benchmarks.